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Edinburgh Book
by Valerie Mejer Caso

Translated by Michelle Gil-Montero

ISBN 978-0-900575-08-2

158 pages

March 1, 2021

Published by Action Books

"... Mejer Caso’s poetry cannot be equal to who is lost, but it can create something out of language that’s immortal, both terrible and precious."

Rain of the Future
by Valerie Mejer

Edited by C.D. Wright. Translated by A.S. Zelman-Doring, Forrest Gander, and C.D. Wright. Forward by Raúl Zurita translated by Sarah Denaci and Forrest Gander.

Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies.
ISBN: 9780989804806
1 February 2014

Published by Action Books

This Blue Novel
by Valerie Mejer

Translated by Michelle Gil-Montero

Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies.
ISBN: 9780989804875
Release Date: November 2015

Published by Action Books

"While we're talking about convention, this book classifies as poetry. It throws this claim to poetry, however, immediately into question:  the title informs us that it is a novel, and this novel is blue. This fact is no negligible, because if we agree that it's poetry, what we really mean is a superior sense of the term, all but forgotten nowadays: ever since Gilgamesh and the Iliad, and beyond,  poetry arises from the impulse to tell a story. That is its fundamental fact. This book, by calling itself a novel, tells us just as much, but in reverse. There is no language for story but what has its origin in poetry."  



Cuaderno de Edimburgo
Valerie Mejer

Editorial: ‎ AMARGORD,EDICIONES (3 enero 2013)

Idioma: ‎ Español

ISBN-10: 841539876X

ISBN-13: 978-8415398769


de la ola, el atajo
Valerie Mejer


Editorial: Amargord (1 enero 2010)

Idioma: Español

ISBN-10: 8492560215

ISBN-13: 978-8492560219

geografias de nieba.gif

Geografías de Niebla
Valerie Mejer



Idioma: Español

ISBN: 9789689326076

esta novela azul.jpeg

Esta Novela Azul
Valerie Mejer


ASIN: B0070DA370

Idioma: Español

ISBN-10: 968675685X

ISBN-13: 978-9686756852

ante el ojo del ciclope.jpg

Ante el ojo del Cíclope
Valerie Mejer


Lugar de edición: Ciudad de México
Editorial: Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes [CONACULTA] (Fondo Editorial Tierra Adentro; 204)
Año de edición: 1999
ISBN: 9701835409
Género: Poesía - Libros individuales


De Elefante a Elefante
Valerie Mejer


Editorial: Excma. Diputación Provincial de Soria (1 Enero 1997)

Idioma: Español

Tapa blanda: 106 páginas

ISBN-10: 8486790921

ISBN-13: 978-8486790929

antologia poesia mexicana.jpeg

Antología General de la Poesía Mexicana
Juan Domingo Argüelles

Editorial: Oceano

Año: 2020

Idioma: Español

N° páginas: 1824

Isbn13: 9786075278025

N° edición: 2014

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